My Heart's Words...

Sometimes I wonder
if love really exists
but then I see
your eyes; your smile; YOU
and I just start to think

If love didn't exist
my hands wouldn't sweat
my knees wouldn't tremble
my stomach wouldn't get butterflies
my heart wouldn't pound.

I see you with her
and I can't help but smile
You're happy, that's all
I ask God for
every day when I awake

I preffer you to be
with her and happy
than free and
without me.
Don't you think?

We're best friends
That way I don't lose hope.
You kiss me in the cheek
You give me a hug.
And again I just start to think...

Someday that kiss
just might change it's corse
Someday that hug
just might change it's meaning.
Someday you just might know
yonelis07 yonelis07
18-21, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

the more i read ur poem, the more i love it n think of how beautiful u r. <3

nsfebiurkjhneiu i love youuuu&lt;3