Lost My Best Friend In The Bitterness

I never felt appreciated in my relationship.
And now that it's over after 12 years I don't care.
I miss my wife always and feel like I deserve the pain.
I hurt myself and her still by trying to save something that's already dead.
No counselour can help someone who doesn't want to forget.
I am living in a fantasy and it's eating me up inside.
I don't want to move on I'm not ready to forget.
Truth is I feel like I will spend my life in sorrow.
I may find new love but will only long for my first love.
Bitterness and anger are my worst enemy.
If she could let go together we could grow.
She says never gonna happen.
I prayed that my kids could have there parents together.
I feel like a failure now. I've let everyone down.
How can I move on I'm afraid and lost.
Bigdaddymclovin Bigdaddymclovin
26-30, M
1 Response Jul 15, 2012

I am thinking of writing a story here tonight also, I am feeling particulary down tonight over the same issue...<br />
You know iwhat I still love her and was crushed, when it ended, and I feel much the same way u do, I tell my self I am going to move on but really I. Can't.<br />
So I don't know brother I. Just wanted you to know your not the only one out there going through this...<br />
Probably doesn't help much <br />
I wish you well.... I. Wish I had some answers for you....but I. Don't..I. really think you just got figure it out in your own way and on your own time table, there is no frigin magical formula,<br />
But sounds like you know that