I Am Needed

Spent Saturday with my 19 month old nephew. He's like having a pet monkey - new trick every day.
His latest thing is that every sentence begins with, "Is 'at _______?"

He pointed to the toilet paper I was putting away and said, "Is 'at poop?"
I winced and told him that was what you use to go potty.
I know his 12 year old brother was behind this.
In the livingroom, I grabbed a kleenex, and he asked, "Is 'at booger?"
Yes, you wipe your nose with it.
Lord, have mercy, we'll never be able to take him out in public.
He kept me amused for quite a while, then I had to get ready to leave.
When I got up, he patted the seat and told me to sit! So, I did.
He leaned over and put his head on me and smiled so big, like he knew he had me wrapped. I kissed the top of his head and hugged him close.
He said, "Is 'at love?"

It is love and so much more.

After a rough week, I needed to be needed just for being myself, not for what I could do for everyone in my life with their hand out.
And I was needed.... for my unconditional love.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

This is such a cute story your nephew is so lucky to have you in his life that is great!!!

Thank you. I could write a book on that little guy. He's a very colorful character. I'm the lucky one.

Either way I think it is great!!