Good Neighbor

She smiles to herself and continues putting away the morning dishes. It was rapidly approaching 10 A.M. and she was still in her bathrobe, it was one of those lazy days were she really didn't feel like doing much. But she supposed that she should shower and get dressed. As she was turning around she notice her next door neighbor Ben standing in the doorway.

She gasped seeing him there in her kitchen, I didn't hear you knock Ben.

She looked at Ben standing there in the doorway from the living room. He cut an imposing figure. Maybe 5'10 a large frame, broad shoulders, short brown hair, brilliant blues eyes. She had seen him doing yard work many times. His physique was well toned and muscled; it was hard to believe that he was close to 10 years her senior. He was divorced and living alone. He had been a great help to her and her husband since they had moved here a year ago.

I knocked, no one answered so I tested the door knob it was open, so I came in I didn't mean to startle you. Ben said to her.

It's just I wasn't expecting anyone, not really dressed for company her voice trailing off as she speaks.

Awww.. Rachel you women always worry about that stuff, you look great. Ben says looking around the kitchen.

Rachel blushes slightly and says, What brings you over here so earlier in the morning Ben?

Rachel was unsure of the look that came over his face, a funny little wry smile. He chuckles slightly and says why you, of course.

Me? Rachel asks. Now she was really confused. What can I help you with? she asks.

Rachel, the question should be what could I help you with? Ben laughs, haughty little laugh.

Ben, I'm not sure what you mean? I'm confused I'm not following you.
Rachel said

I was talking to Neil, last week having a beer talking about sports and stuff. Well Neil says to me Ben can I ask your advice? I said sure so Neil leans over a little closer and says well Rachel and I been having some problems. Oh? I say. Yeah he says she been a little frigid lately. How frigid? I say.
And he tells me it's been a longtime since we done it. So I give him some advice, Ben says, pausing briefly.

Rachel looks somewhat shocked, uncertain to where he is going with this. Why is he even here having this conversation with her?

He then continues, So I'm thinking the other night what could be behind Neil's problem? Then I thought, Well Neil isn't very assertive. Maybe Rachel is the kind of girl that likes the take-charge kind of guy? Maybe she wants a guy to tell her what she is going to like.

All the time while speaking to her, his eyes move up and down her body. Rachel starts to back away.

Now Ben I think it would be best if you left now?
Rachel manages to stammer out.

No Rachel, things are just getting interesting. You never answered me Rachel. You like a take-charge kind of guy? You like a man in control? Ben says as he moves towards her. His movements reminiscent of a big cat stalking its prey.

I'm not going to tell you something like that, Rachel says in shocked tone.

Rachel, you're going to tell me that and so much more. You are going to do things, because I tell you to and deep down inside part of you wants to.
You just need the excuse of me telling you to do it. Ben says

Rachel desperately tries to move away from him, you can't talk to me this way! she screams

Ben laughs, I can, and I'm keep doing it. Tell me something ****, your **** wet right now with me talking to you like this?

Ben does everything he can do to contain his laughter, when he sees her eyes fly wide open.

#!@%$ is all she can stammer.

Yes I bet it is He murmurs, then continues, Open your robe ****!
Show that body let me see what it is I'm going to be getting.

No she screams. Rachel turns to run, but trips and falls. She is scrambling to get back on her feet. Ben reaches over and grabs a fist full of her long blonde locks, and tugs slightly. Rachel squeals as he grasps her hair.

He kneels down next to her, and harshly whispers to her you don't listen too well.. I have asked two, count them two questions. And you being the rude lil ***** you are, you haven't answered them. So I'll ask you again
Do you like a man in control? And is that **** of yours wet right now?

She slightly turns toward to him, looking into his blue eyes. Seeing the serious look on his face. She nervously licks her lips, and looks down slightly, and then in a barely audible voice she says yes to both

What ****, I couldn't hear you what did you say? he harshly whispers

She picks a spot on floor, she stares at it. Finding the strength from somewhere deep inside her she says in a loud clear voice. Yes to both questions.

Very good. That wasn't so hard was it? From now on there will be consequences when you don't answer my questions promptly. You hear me ****? he says.

Please don't call me that, she whimpers.

Oh but Rachel that is what you are. And you're going to be my ****.

She blushes, her green eyes still locked on the spot on the floor. Not looking at him avoiding his eyes. She could feel his warm breath on the side of her face as he spoke to her.

You can deny it if you wish Rachel, but you are going to be my ****. I know you're a ****. In your heart you know you are a ****. In time you will admit it to me. Now I believe I told you to open that robe, he softly said in her ear.

Still staring at the floor she says no in a voice slightly above a whisper.

Rachel why are you insisting on fighting me on this? It is going to happen you can do it of your own free will or I will do it for you. He said as he leans closer, am I going to have to do it for you?

Rachel continued to stare at the spot on the floor. Her mind racing, what should she do? Should she give in and hope that he will get what he wants and go away. As much as she didn't want to admit it there was a part of her that desperately wanted to give into him. It had been a long time since, she had felt this way. But she couldn't give in could she?

Ben's hand reaches down and tugs on her the belt of her bathrobe, the robe slightly falling open. Rachel screams no and her hand shoots out and tries to grab his hand, he easily shakes her hand way. While pulling his hand away from hers, he pulls the tie to her bathrobe free.

I see how it is going to have be Rachel. He said as he grasps her hands.

He grabs her hands and tries to pull them together, but she manages to pull one hand free. He leans back, holding on to the one hand, and moving it behind her back. Rachel twists slightly and swings at him with her one free hand, Ben grasp her free hand and pulls that behind her back as well. He crosses her hands behind her back and wraps one of his large hands around her wrists. With his free hand he begins wrapping the tie to her bathrobe around her wrists. She feels him lean forward; she feels his weight pressing against her pushing her forward slightly

I told you, you could do it of your own freewill or I would do it for you he whispers in here ear. Maybe the next time you will listen to me?'

Rachel sat there whimpering. She is unable to look up at him. He moved around her, his hands pushing her robe even farther open.

Very nice Rachel, very nice indeed. Ben said as his hands lightly caress her breasts. Rachel softly moans. Damn you are a hot little ***** aren't you?

His hands slowly caress her breasts, his fingers touching her skin with a feathery touch. As his fingers softly graze her nipples she tosses her head back, she tries to stifle a moan. Ben reaches out and grasps her chin holding her head still. He looks deep into her eyes.

Are you a hot little ***** aren't Rachel? he asked

She sat there looking into his eyes, what should she do? How can she admit that she wants him right now? How can she say that she wants to be used as his sex toy? God, I want it, no I need it, she thinks. But I can't admit it.. can I?

Ben walks over to the counter, and opens a couple of drawers. He pulls out a spatula, rummages thru the drawers and toss a couple of extension cords on the floor. He walks over grabs a chair, and spins it around and faces her. He walks over to Rachel, takes her by her arm and moves to the chair. Ben sits down, and pulls Rachel across his lap.

Rachel I told you that there would be consequences for not answering questions, he says as he lifts her robe. He drops the spatula across her firm tanned buttocks, first striking her left buttock. The plastic spatula makes a resounding slap as it strikes her supple flesh. Rachel squeals, Ben quickly lifts the spatula and drops it across her right buttock. Again she squeals, Ben smiles. He then quickly drops two more strikes across each buttock.

Now I asked you, are you a hot little *****? he asks again.

Yes. She whispers.

What? Ben says.

Yes, I am, she says.

He puts the spatula down; his hand slides in between her thighs. His fingers run over her swollen *****, his fingers tracing along outer lips. Rachel starts moaning and squirming under his touch. Rachel tries to push back and force his fingers inside her hungry *****. Ben quickly pulls his hand away, and slaps her *** with his *** sticky hand.

You want something in that *****, I'll give you something for that *****, Ben says.

Ben helps her upright; he gets out of the chair. He sits Rachel down in the chair. Placing her tied hands over the back of the ladder back chair. He takes the long tails of her bathrobe tie and ties them to the back of the chair. Ben then picks up the extension cords off of the floor and pushes her legs apart exposing her ***** to him. He wraps the extension cords around her calves binding her legs to the chair legs. He then pulls her bathrobe open wide, and down off her shoulders exposing her to him. He looks down at her and smiles; he leans over slightly and whispers in her ear.

I'll be back in minute, he says.

He turns and walks across the kitchen and leaves thru the side door leading out the back yard. Stopping briefly to check that the side door is also unlocked. Once making sure it is he slips out the door.

Rachel screams, wait but Ben keeps walking. The door slamming solidly behind him. All of sudden a wave of panic sweeps over her. He is coming back isn't he? He has to come back he can't do this to her. Oh my God, what will happen if Neil sees her like this? ****! She thinks the girls will be home long before their father would. The girls can't see her like this. How would she explain this? Her mind kept racing.. God he has to come back, he just has to he can't get me worked up like this and not do anything. God what was she thinking. She thought

It seemed like hours but he could have been gone but maybe 10 minutes. Ben slipped back in thru the side door carrying what looked like a black gym bag. He walked into the kitchen looking at Rachel and smiling.

Miss me? he asked. And then continued I hope I wasn't gone to long.

He set the bag down on the table, he pulled the zipper back. The sound seem so loud, in the quiet of the kitchen she stopped for a moment, she realized that she couldn't really hear anything because her heart was pounding in her ears. She looked over and saw Ben begin rummaging through the bag.

He pulled a crop out of the bag and set it on the table

Nope, won't need this now. Hmm.. Maybe this one or this one his voice trailing off.

Rachel saw him set two vibrators on the table. The first on scared her a little. It was maybe 12 to 15 inches long, it had what looked like handle about maybe 4 inches up on the vibe there was a an off shoot that was maybe 6 inches long, the rest of the vibe was about another 8 or plus inches and on the side opposite the offshoot, there was another smaller nasty looking protrusion. She had heard about a vibe like that, and she wasn't to thrilled with the idea of her *****, her ***, and her **** being stimulate at the same time. Well it's not that idea isn't appealing she thought. But that vibe looks down right freighting she thought.

The second vibe, looked very much like one of her own vibes. Just a little larger, and different color and thicker. She was feeling a more than a little relieved to see the other vibe. Rachel was snapped out of the reverie by Ben's voice.

And I think we have a winner! he said.

She looked up and saw him holding a vibe that was maybe 9 inches long, maybe 3 inches thick. Along the length of the shaft there were several different textures, around the middle it looked like there were small folds in the plastic material cover the vibrator. And towards the base there were a couple of rows of different colored beads. Rachel didn't know what to think.

Ben got up and moved over to her, kneeling in front of her. His eyes immediately going to her wet sex. He leans forward slightly, runs his fingers long the length of her *****, his fingers glistening as they are coated with her juices. Rachel moans, he head rolling, her eyes clenched tightly shut, he luscious red lips parted while she moans. He lifts his fingers to his mouth, sucking his fingers.

Mmmm you taste so good Rachel. Ben says

She struggles to open her eyes; she looks at Ben still licking his fingers. She them shine with her juices and his salvia. Uncontrollably she moans again.

Thank you, she whispers, her throat feeling so dry, barely able to speak.

I think you're wet enough for the toy don't you? he asks.

Yes I am.. Please put it in! she implores.

He chuckles slightly, looking up into her face. He can see the lust.. the desire.. the need plainly etched on her lovely face.

I will but I want you to answer something for me. You're glad I cam back aren't you? he inquires.

She looks at him for a moment. She then realizes that, as much as she would like to deny it. That she is glad that he came back, and that she wants to give herself to him. Looking at him tears welling up in her lovely green eyes.

Yes I am glad you cam back Ben, she mutters.

Not so hard was it? he asks.

No it wasn't, she says shyly.

He turns the vibrator on; the humming of the sex toy breaks the silence of the room. He leans forward and brings the vibrator to her ***** lips, and slides the plastic **** along the length of her *****. Rachel head whips from side to side, her long blonde tresses flailing about, under her breath Ben can hear her murmuring yes, yes over and over again. He moves the toy up and down the length of her *****, careful to avoid touching her ****. After a couple of minutes of teasing her like this he pulls the vibrator away from her glistening sex. Rachel whimpers as he removes the toy.

Please don't stop Oh God, please don't stop! she cries out.

What will you do for me to continue doing this and make you ***? he asks her.

Right now I'll do whatever you want if you make me *** please!
Oh God I need it. She cries out.

Well Rachel, what I want is simple. You. As my slave, my *****, you will be being my personal **** you on your knees serving me until I decide otherwise. Ben states in a matter of factly tone. And then he asks, You want to be my slave don't you?

Rachel looks down at him, and cries out, Oh God yes! You were right I need a man to use me as a **** toy. Yes I want to be your slave. Part of her surprised that it was her voice saying this. Another part of her not caring.. Just needing the release, the satisfaction that this man can bring her now and in the future.

Ben leans over, his nose almost touching hers, looking deep into her emerald eyes.

Yes I want to be your slave, Master. He says as his hands strikes her inner thigh.

The sound echoing across the tile floor, Rachel moans softly. Her eyes locked on to his brilliant blue eyes, whimpering slightly as she tries to speak.

Yes I wish to be your slave Master! she says in a loud clear voice.

Ben rams the large vibe into sopping wet *****, Rachel cries out partly out of pleasure, partly out of surprise. Her head falls back and she moans loudly. Ben works the plastic phallus half way into her and begins pumping it in and out of her.

Don't *** until I tell you to ****! If you feel an ****** coming, you better ask permission to *** and then make sure I give you permission do you understand me? Ben inquires.

Yes Master I understand, she says.

Ben begins to work the sex toy in and out of her at a frenzied paced, her juices making obscene sloshing noises as it violates her tight little ****. Her juices running down the toy and coating his fingers.

Ohhhhh God Master may I *** please
please Master may I *** for you? she implores.

Yes you may ****.. But we will work on your begging skills later, Ben says chuckling.

Rachel head whips from side to side, her long blonde tresses flailing about, her hair becoming tangled and matted together. Her eyes clench tightly shut, her luscious red lips part, and moan comes from deep in her throat almost animal like in it's nature, as the first wave of her ****** sweeps through her body. Her back arches, moving only a few inches, until she feel her legs and arms straining against their bonds. Her body spasms as the wave after wave of her ****** courses through her body, she falls back into the chair, sweat breaking out across her brow dampening her hair. Panting she looks at Ben.

Thank you Master! she says in a very horse tone.

Ben looks at her and chuckles and says, I have more planned for you.

He reaches down on the vibrator and flicks a small switch, and removes his hand from the sex toy. The toy that is buried about three quarters of the way inside her. Begins to piston back and forth, or part of it does. Then much to her surprise she can feel some soft beads rotating on the toy around where her ***** lips lay on the plastic phallus. Ben adjusts it so the beads are softly touching her ****

See there is a reason I chose this one, Ben says

Rachel just moans as her Master talks to her. He rises and grabs another chair from the table; he sets it across from her. He loosens his belt and pulls his pants and underwear down. His **** poking out of his pants, Rachel looks at his protruding member she guess it is about 8 inches long and maybe 2 inches thick. He sits back watches her as she squirms, bound to the chair. His hand reaches down and lazily begins to stroke his ****.

Watching his hand caress his throbbing reddish purple member. The vibrator softly humming away, pistoning back and forth deep inside her. Struggling against her restraints, squirming, wishing she could get out of the chair and crawl to him, and replace his hand with her mouth.

Ben looks over at her, you want it don't you?

Yes master, I do very much so! Rachel manages to say in between her moans and panting for air.

Well you will have to wait for that my nasty little ****, Ben says smiling at her.

His hand stroking his **** a little faster. Rachel groans upon hearing that he wasn't going to **** her right now. Writhing , straining against her restraints. The revolving beads stimulating her ****, driving her crazy.

Oh please Master, I need it please **** me, her voice trailing off whimpering. Her need evident in her voice, and plain across her face.

Not yet **** but soon...
*** for me ****, Ben says. Standing before her stroking his ****.

She looks up, his **** bobbing in front of her face. His words, his command echoes in her head. As if her ***** has a mind of it's own, her ****** starts to surge through her. She hears his moans only pushing her closer to the edge, her eyes half open see his face contorted in pleasure as his own ****** draws closer and closer.

Rachel fights the urge to thrash her head, she feels her ****** crashing through her. Her body convulses, he body rocks slightly straining against her restraints. Her eyes are locked on her new-found master's face. She is intent on seeing the pleasure on his face as he *******. Rachel's tongue licks her slightly parted crimson lips. Somewhere deep in his throat, she hears the beginning of an animalistic groan he climaxes. His seed pumping out and splattering on her face, stream after stream of his warm sticky seed spilling onto her face, his growl growing deeper, as he pumps his **** the last of his seed drains from his member dripping across her face, neck, breasts, and torso.

Ben stands there panting and looking down on Rachel, her body straining against her against her restraints. Ben leans over and unties her legs and then her arms. He looks deeps into her eyes, all while smiling.

You will use that toy on yourself and make yourself *** at least another 2 times. Clean it up and bring with you tonight. You will be at my house tonight at 7 and we will continue this then. Now shower and get dressed. We will have even more fun tonight Rachel. 7 pm...
Don't be late! You don't want to find the out what happens when you are late.

Ben pulls his pants back up and buckles them up. He collects his toys and turns and leaves. Stop at the door, turns and smiles, then says, I have some wonderful surprises in store for you Rachel.

He then exits the kitchen door.
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