So Much.

That's all I've ever wanted.. to just feel needed. To feel like people actually want me around. I just want to feel loved so much. I don't know why anyone would love me.. but it would just be nice to feel loved. Even if it's just once..

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1 Response Feb 18, 2010

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Please believe me that you will be loved and needed ... one day when you least expect it... it might be tommorrow, it might be next week, or not till next year... but it will happen... you have a long way to go in this life...One piece of advice I can give... be careful what you wish for... with love, comes pain also... they are like like siamese twins.... The joy of being loved is accompanied by the pain of longing to be near him, when you can't be. The feeling of being needed is elusive even between lovers. You will hurt when he is hurting, But, I am in your corner... That wonderful feeling of being needed by someone is what we all long for. I know you will find it and when you do, treasure it, treat it with love and respect.