One Left

there is one left in my old neighborhood.  it's the Kenwood Drive-In.  opens in the late spring usually and closes in the late summer/early fall.  they don't have all of the old speakers though.  you have to tune in to a radio signal.  i actually like those crappy speakers that hook on the door or window.  it was part of the experience. 

i think i saw half of the movies from my childhood and teen years at the drive-in.  my end of town used to have two drive-ins so... good times. 

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5 Responses Nov 14, 2008

There is only 1 left in my town. It is nothing like when i was growing up. They where so muck fun. I do have good memories of the drive in's.

My town used to have 2 as well but now we're down to one and there is rumor it won't be around long. Ours, too, has changed to the radio signal which I love as the crappy speakers were always crappy and cracking the window always let the mosquitos into the car.

hey, i saw King Kong at the drive-in, too. can't remember the last movie i saw though. <br />
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yeah, it is sad to seem them go. When they closed our other drive-in i was really upset. it was so much better.

Yeah. They dozed our down about fifteen years ago. It was sad. Lots of memories at that drive in theatre... It's sad that mine was the last generation to experience those crappy old speakers.... nice story.

The last movie I saw in a drive in was King Kong with Jessica Lang.