I knew a guy once (still know him), and he used to dress as count dracula.  We had a scenario where i lay in bed with white chiffon nightgown pretending to be asleep. He made 2 careful little nicks in my neck and vamped me. I just came and came, it was so intense a feeling. He sucked me all the while that he ****** me and i soaked the mattress halfway through, took days to dry out.  It was probably the most erotic, pleasurable and intense sex of my life.  Thinking about it now, might get back in touch with him.
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Yer my boyfriend understands it but dosn't want to see me do it. We use to do it all the time but now that I've told him how in to it i realy am he's not interested :(

my gf is into this, she's bitten me a couple of times but only playfully. I want her to draw blood soo badly!!