Heroin To Hematolagnia

I have no idea why I have started to have fantasies about bloodsports, but I know that the thought of trickles of blood running down a beautiful woman's body gets my pulse racing like nothing I have ever trid or thought of trying. I don't have desires to drink blood, more to just make slight cuts to release a steady and controlled flow of claret that runs from the neck over her breasts and nipples down the tummy and then drips down on the **** and me. I have always loved biting and scratching, however I also like the idea of using thin sonstruction blades that cause no pain and can heal easier. I feel I have been missing out on hematolagnia, where has it been all my life? Beats using Heroin!

Azazel27UK Azazel27UK
26-30, M
Feb 23, 2010