It Would Be Cool

I would like to meet someone with a similar personality to mine.  It would be interesting.  Someone with a funny, sarcastic personality.  Someone who is serious too.  They should be able to think logically.  Exchanging different thoughts on assorted topics would make me happy.  It would be like having a conversation with myself.  I love stimulating conversation.  We would be eager to talk to each other and learn various things--anything, really.  To be like me, they would have to look at things in a deep way.  They would have to over-think things, to the point where they almost get a headache.  I also have an idiotic side.  I comes out as a great imagination.  I think of things that are not possible, so it seems like I am an idiot, when I am merely only being facetious.  I am a spelling and grammar freak; I yearn to correct anything with errors.  Again with my imagination: How cool would it be to meet someone who think s exactly like you?  Someone to share thoughts with.  Someone who acts like you.  Would it be tiring, or utterly intriguing.  I would honestly enjoy meeting anyone who has a similar personality to me.

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I am so incredibly complicated and full of contradiction. I am just like you in all those ways. I also nitpic errors. Just not grammatically. I believe I am probably different though in the sense that my views are incredibly opposite of most people. Most people believe they are one in a million. I believe I am 1 in 6,978,245,000

I am also serious with a sense of humor. I am a logical thinker who is often vexed by modern society.

One of the first things I thought of when I read this is 'man you sound like one of my really good friends!' He and I have conversations like that all the time. But that's probably part of why we're friends, because I'm like that too. Being in the research field, over thinking things, debating, and exploring fascinating ideas is basically my job. I'd love to find someone like that myself. Someone, as another friend of mine put it, that you can 'nerd out' with. Hopefully she's out there.

I LOVE NERDING OUT!!! You play Skyrim!?

No but a lot of my friends do! Haha should I be playing too?

Great point.