My First Shoejob

Recently I asked my girlfriend for a shoejob. I was afraid about her reaction to such strange form of foot fetish (she knew before that I'm foot fetishist). But she accepted it normally, as a usual request for a footjob. The only thing that she worried about was the possible mechanical and infectious harm to a my ****, so we decided to use condom for the first time.

She dressed fishnet stockings and put on her sexy spiky red high heel pumps with metallic stiletto. The only thing that ever caused pain during that shoejob was that stiletto, everything else was very pleasant for me, like a normal footjob. But the view of my own **** under control of her sexy but dangerous shoes drove me mad! Shoejob is more visual delight rather than tactile one. Of course frictions are very important for arousal, but I can't say that friction in shoes are better or worse than friction with hands or feet.

She used two techniques during shoejob: she rubbed my **** between toes and rubbed the bottom surface of **** with the sole pressing the **** to my stomach. She was sitting on the table and I sat in front of her on the floor. She put handcuffs on me before shoejob, so I was fully under her control.

Next times I'm going to get shoejobs in almost all her high heel shoes, including her sexy black open-toe pumps and her silver high heel sandals that she was wearing during her last school year. I wanna **** all her sexy footwear and cover it with my *** :)

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5 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Yep, pleasure and pain is so enjoying when having a high heel shoe on your ****. For over 30 years of great joy and haven't had one in 5 years since the wife past on.

Yep, it's a awesome feeling ain't it dude...

at least she indulges with your fetish, makes you so lucky !

i love giving my man shoejobs, he prefers i wear my high heeled mules which i have 8 sexy pairs ranging from 4 to 6 inch heels!!!

wish my gf was like you, she has boxes of heels but only got 3 shoejobs in my life !

Slight update: the number of shoejobs increased, I think I must have about 10 by now :-)
I'm a happy man......

Awesome! I love shoejobs