Thank You Beachbody!!!

Last summer I was well over 200 lbs. and in a size 22.  It was horrid..  i remember not being able to tie my shoes without having a problem breathing.  I wanted to do something so i started at the gym and tried to lose the weight that way but it wouldnt come off.  I didnt know what to do in the gym to lose it.  I was doing the eliptical and lifting but nothing.  I was so frustrated.  There were times i just sat and cried at the back on a med ball.   It was the worst.

I work in surgery and was talking to one of the doctors about it.  He said he lost his weight and got so much more strength with P90X.  But knew that I wasnt ready for that.  So i bought Power90 which is the first of P90X.  It changed my life.  I lost 18 pounds the first month and it was only a 25 min. workout.  I was really concerned that i wouldn't lose but i did. So after the first month i was hooked. 

Since then i became a coach and decided to share my story and help others.  I now bake money doing this and keep getting in better shape. It has been such a great experience!!!!!!!

If you would like to know more and join my program please contact me...

JenStalder JenStalder
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1 Response Oct 22, 2010

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