I Couldn't Believe I Let Myself Go

I remember when I was a young teen I had a decent body. Then as I got older I really just let myself go. I realized it when I looked in the mirror about a half a year ago now. I have been doing a lot of exercises and eating a lot less. Not always what I should honestly but I've still lost a lot of wait. Just last night my man and I was talking. he ended up hugging me and started to smile. I asked him why (cause the whole conversation hadn't been a happy one) He was explaining to me how much weight I have lost by how much more he could wrap his arms around me. He didn't care how big I ever was honestly (he has lost a lot himself) However that is not the main reason why I did it. My family has a lot of bad health history. I come from a family of large people so I didn't want to end up sick or dying young like many of them have. Also to many heart conditions in my family history also. That is my main reason. Although I would be lying to say I like the benefits of being slimmer isn't also a little factor. I still have more weight to lose. I am not stopping either until I am fit.
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I would like to congratulate you for having such a clear vision with making this choice and seeing it through. I myself come from a large family as well and have seen the damage obesity causes. I am very careful about my own weight and do still have days where food takes control of my better judgment. It is an ongoing struggle for many of us but well worth the fight to gain the reward of better health and improved stamina. I enjoyed reading this and would like to thank you for writing it. A good reminder for me.

Thanks so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it and it helped you. :)

Thank you dear Tara for sharing you feelings on this. It is sometimes so difficult to confront and speak of. It is comforting when we find others who may speak for us.