I Don't Smoke But I Play A Stoner On Tv

Ha! Although I appreciate the support from non stoners, I am always amused that they pretty much always start their stories with something like,"I don't smoke, but..." " I tried it once a long time ago, but.." I understand there is a stigma attached still but happily, I don't give a rats a.s.s what anyone thinks. The things I find beautiful in life are even more beautiful when I am toasted. I enjoy folding the same napkin 167 times. Shining up all of my pens on the desk. Hearing music I've listened to over and over, for the first time. again and again. It's a beautiful thing.I wanna get high.
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9 Responses Mar 29, 2011

I don't smoke weed......but....lol I guess I get high enough from the wife as she is a smoker (multiple times daily). and I feel it has so many benefits...yes legalize it!!!

lol, second hand stoning.

Well, you're pretty cool! I like "Losing My Religion" I've worn out two cassette tapes and three cd's. Thank Goodness for YouTube.

That is a great song. I too appreciate youtube so much.

It is getting close to being legal everywhere.

They are sure dragging their feet. It should have been legal all along

I agree.

Thank you for reading and responding marriedup! Peace

Damn, I'm jealous. I smoked pot for over 40 years but I had other drug problems so I gave it up. Been clean and sober for almost 4 years. Blow some in my direction, please :)))))

Lol best of luck!

afreimann, are you trying to torture me? "where did I put that guy's number?" LOL

Awwwwwwwwwww now where DID I put that guy's phone number????? (I figure, as long as I'm not running for office...)

unfriendly.....Non judgemental people are special people. There is a serious shortage of them/you in the world. :>

Well, I'm all talk right now because I recently moved and cannot find a contact. So, if you do get high, have a toke or two for me. Peace