Is It Really Cool Anymore???

I smoke pot every once in a while. Not really all that cool anymore. I like getting high with my girlfriend Stevie though. Btw I'm a lesbian.
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I was quite heavy pot user in my teen, almost lost a year of my degree in junior high, for me friends were the 1 who influenced me, I move from the school and it reduce step by step back to it in college but I already can controll my self , only use it a litle just for fun, wed is the most safe way to get high, but it will affected to slower ur brain in future... slow like u stoned teheee

Your funny hun! Your tehe is so cute btw. Thanks for reading commenting and sharing

wellcome ^ ^ *big grinn


Smoking pot is cool and some people enhance their career's with it . like the "door's" "jimmy hendrix" and quit possibkle "led zepplin" for other's it is an escape that i condon. simple really get high... RELAX JUMP TO IT... WHEN YOU WANT TO GO TO IT RELEXS DON'T DO IT WHEN YOU WANNA ***.... WHEN YOU WANNA ***

Sex is better then smoking pot girl. So give her all you got and quit

Ok thanks grampa!

You are very welcome and remember the little one also

I will thanks! I have not smoked for 2 weeks now.

I am very proud of you. No matter what I will be here for you even if you slip god for bid love ya from Pink

Thanks! Love you to.

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it's just an herb a thing to base a life on. it's for recreation. i used but it make's me lazy and complacent. but i do enjoy a good buzz from time to time. especially with some really good herb. mm

Me too. I'm just afraid that I'm going to get addicted to it or totally depend on it. Any tips???

well it isn't really physically addictive but people like feeling that way. it's psychological. just keep busy with your life and do thing's and it shouldn't be a problem. if ever feel's that way drop it. it's just an herb and it should be fun. we can't all be cheech and chong not all the time.

Ok thanks! I guess I will just have a "**** schedule" :) that should keep me busy! Jk

I like to toke a bit to relax at home and to get a good night's sleep. Sadly, I'm out at the moment and missing the sleep most of all, lol.

Aww. That sucks. I'm sorry.