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It's been about 2 years since I got divorced and I left a sexless marriage. It had been over 10 years since there had been ANY intimacy in my marriage (I'm no spring chicken), and even before that it had been awkward, bad. So getting back in the saddle so to speak has been a bit of a process for me. I'm not scared of sex, I like sex, always have. But I am not real agressive in the initiating phase of things. And I guess I'm a bit picky, it's got to feel right. So, there have been a couple of near misses, but I finally got lucky. And it likely was a one night thing, but it felt right and I'm glad I did it. It has given me a bit of confidence. I may text him this weekend and see if I can get a second round, maybe even make this a fwb kind of thing. But if it doesn't happen, it's ok. It was a great night. And a great first step. I'm kind proud of myself.7
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I live in a sexless marriage now. I ended up having an affair that really hurt me, but well. He filled the gap when I needed it. I'm right behind you.. thinking of moving out.
The problem I feel I'm facing is. ... I'm just not that attracted to older men, but while I put up my profile on, I got responses almost always just from older, much older men.. I'm not trying to age discriminate, but I felt that at our age... we women live longer, so I can't bear to be widow for a long time.. anyway.. i hope everything went well.. it's been a year since this post was posted, but just wanted to drop a line..

It did go well. He was a great lover. Much younger and it was just for fun. We hooked up three times in all and then I let it go. Then about 6 months after that I had a boyfriend that lasted about 9 months. I could call him if I wanted to, but I don't want to go backwards. I then had a physical relationship with another much younger man, but that fizzled after about three encounters. So now I'm sexless again, but I'm looking for a real relationship. I think the youngers guys are good for sex, but I want more than that.