I Never Had My Groove

I met my husband at 16, married him at 20 and had my first of two children by 23. I did manage to graduate from college but never really knew what I wanted to do with my life. I now have a great husband and a 9 year old daughter and 19 month old son. All sounds great right? The problem is not with my life, its with myself. I need to find a way to make myself feel fulfilled but I do not have allot of confidence since I am overweight and have a major learning disability in math. Just want to find out what my purpose is other than the obvious, my children. I want to see the world and experience things beyond Texas. I want to help people, meet people, and make connections with people. I want to see the Statue of Liberty and all the other amazing things this world has to offer! Most of all, I just want to feel alive again. I know I have a good life and should not complain but good can always be better!
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

What is holding you back? Your lack of self confidence? Your weight? I have been wanting to try yoga. I know I will fall over and won't be able to hold a pose for more than a second at first, but I want to do it in my living room, using YouTube videos as a start. Maybe that could work for you. Even if you are still heavy it might be good for boosting your self confidence.

What makes you happy? You say want to help people. There are many places to volunteer. What are your strengths? I happen to like to cook. I love to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House cooking for the families. Just knowing I made something that was comforting and delicious and was maybe a bright spot in their day makes me feel good.

I also worry about homeless kids. They don't have consistency or stability in their lives. I volunteer with a church that distributes clothes and food and blankets to homeless youth, but I'd like to step it up a notch for the families with young kids.

I'm sure you can find something that touches your heart that you can get involved with. Every year we adopt a senior, we buy a bunch of food, and also they have a wish list that we purchase clothes and stuff from. There are lots of lonely seniors out there that would love a visit.

Good luck to you.

I know how you feel. One year after high school I went thru that same feeling like I ain't never gonna see anything other than my hometown. I was fortunate enough to be single with no kids. I joined the Air Force. And all of a sudden things changed drastically. My first duty assignment was in the same state I was from. But within about two and a half years I was sent on a TDY (that's a temporary assignment to another unit for you civilians) in England. That's what happened to me. Things can happen very quickly. Just hang in there. Your change might be right around the corner.