Shower Invasion

i had come home from work before you one night and, as it had been a hot summer day, poured myself a cold glass of wine and went straight to the shower, my strewn clothes betraying my path behind me. i turned on the shower, a quite modern one (and large for paris), with jets coming from the side. the luke warm water sprayed me from above and the sides, and i closed my eyes imagined the lovemaking i had hoped would follow once you came home.

imagine my surprise, then, when, while i was rinsing the shampoo from my hair, you stepped in silently, fully clothed and holding a glass of wine. you kissed me fiercely, the suds from my shampoo rolling over your shoulders and yellow sundress and some wine spilling on my back. the side jets quickly darkened your dress and it was soon soaked, and i began to caress your breasts through your warm wet dress. your hands drifted down to my middle, and you began to stroke me slowly. i stopped you for a moment with a kiss and lifted your dress and pulled it over your head and off, and it made a plopping sound as it hit the floor outside.

my erection grew as i saw your wet lavender bra and cheeky panties, your nipples visible through the wet lace. you began to shampoo as well, as i knelt and sucked your wet nippled through your bra, occasionally tasting a bit of shampoo (lemony) as it cascaded over your breasts. with my other hand, i rubbed the suds into your bra and continued my descent downwards.

i kissed your pretty panties, your mound heaving beneath my mouth, and i slowly unrolled the wet lavender and left them on the bottom of the shower. i guided your legs sideways, and lifted one leg, exposing your kitty to one of the side jets. as you squealed in pleasure, i dove in and began to suck your lovely wet ****, the water blasting the side of my head. i began to tongue your *****, my hard shaft banging against your shins while i went deeper and deeper, wanting to spring your juices easier entry. your soapy hands pushed my face deeper and deeper, and soon you were musky and slippery. you pulled me up and told me you couldn't wait. you grabbed the glass of wine and poured it over my ****, and began sucking it quickly and roughly, making it grow quickly in your mouth.

now, you said, and turned and got on all fours, the top of your body outside the shower, your legs splayed wide open for me. i easily slid into you, and as your hips rocked, i thrusted, slowly at first, but picked up speed as water splashed everywhere. i clutched your breasts, still in your bra, as i pushed into you as you alternately moaned, screamed, and even laughed. after a minute or two, we came together, a sticky wet explosion that forces us backwards into the shower and we collapsed into a wet heap, kissing and catching our breaths.

after a time, we stood up, and i removed your bra. round two? you said, and we began again . . .
Gwanji Gwanji
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1 Response Sep 30, 2011

thanks, lil--you can't have too much steam in the shower!<br />
<br />
glad you liked, pantyluvr! wear your panties in the shower next time!<br />
<br />
e - noting like fa to spice things up! green tea fa is great!<br />
<br />
venus - i think with you, round two could be even better!