Home Home Home!!

where is it!! i just dont know any more, i mean i was born in Scotland, moved to South Africa when i was a year old, and moved back to Scotland 20 years later and i have been hear 9 years now!!! times have been tough the past few years, and all i want is to go home, but i am already where im supposed to feel at home, Scotland, the place where i was born, but cos i grew up in South Africa, in my heart, thats my home, but if i went back to South Africa, would it still be like home, without any of my family there??? i just dont know!! where is my home??, i guess i just dont know!!!
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yes, i think your right *neurotic2010*

I understand your dilemma, I know your home is in SA but I also agree it wouldn't feel the same without them. I do think home for me is were my family is but I also believe that at some point, family has to be me and the one I love and not just my parents but I'd be scared to try and find that away from home like many I know have done,anyway, your heart is the only who can answer that question.