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I am from McAllen Texas, was born in Illinois. When I retired, I moved to Philippines.
Believe me, this is a paradise island, everything you ever dreamed of or imagined.
You get your retirement or money from U.S., with the buying power, it's like doubling your money. If your retirement is $2000.00 a month, here it's like having $4000.00 a month.
I can get a good meal at a fantastic restaurant for about 200 Php (Philippine peso). Converted to dollars, that's about $4.50. That's expensive for a meal in Philippines. I usually eat out for about 120 or 150 Php. That's about $2.50 to $3.25
A haircut at an air-conditioned barber shop will be about 100 Php. non-AC will usually be about 50 Php.
For Php, put in a decimal, and double it: 200 Php, 2.00, double = $4.00
Not an exact way, but it is quick and easy.
Philippines is made of over 7000 islands. Everywhere is near a beautiful beach if you like swimming or fishing.
Everyone in Philippines speaks English. Primary language is Tagalog, but I never have problems because everyones second language is English.
Filipinos are friendly people, they treat you good.
McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, they're here.
Shopping malls are huge and beautiful. Most of them are three or four stories, many have underground parking and come up into the mall.
Don't come here to make money. You won't.
XXX - A single mans paradise. If you're any age, the girls will chase you like crazy. They will be young, weigh about 90 pounds, and they don't say NO.
I'd guess that half of the filipino men are gay. That might be why the Filipino girls chase so hard.
When you come, there are cultural differences. Best thing is to think of what the U.S. was like 50 years ago. The lighting in buildings is sometimes dim, there is no Interstates.
Medical - Just think about it. Most of our doctors now in the U.S., come from Philippines. It's the same.
Let me know if you have questions, I try to answer them.
I Love it here, I don't want to come back to U.S. (especially after this last election)
McTex McTex
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

another terrific article, McTex. Glad to know about the Philippines. The next time I plan a trip abroad that will be my destination. Loved what you said about the women.