Chubby Chinese - -- The Follow Up Action

I need to follow up my previous story as matters have developed further...

Another visit to her place was arranged and my aim was to get inside her
as much as it was hers to have me inside...

She met me at the door late at night - 7year old son asleep and she in her pyjamas
- her kiss was wet and welcoming with hot tongue promise of fire -
the wandering hand squeezing my hardening penis
my hands sneaking under her pj top to feel those delightful full breasts !!

Up stairs I followed closely - quietly - excited...

Into her bedroom .. bed folded down .. lights low and lotions on the table

She sat on the bed .. removed her top and I was mesmersied once more by those bare
boobs - her bold beauties -
with their delicious long and so magnificent nipples.. My mouth was quick to act -
wrapped around those nipples - hands on her boobs squeezing ... kneading...
and she was quick to feel and release my penis for her hot hand and lips lowered to lick
and devour me before I was too big ..

I quickly removed her pj bottoms and revealed her magnificent trimmed ***** .. mmm
she lay back - legs in the air - knees back to her boobs
such an invitation demanded to be answered in the affirmative ! !!
A very firm affirmative !

She wriggled and moaned immediately my lips and feverish tongue touched her..
- more wet than I'd known before ... she covered my **** with some oil and urged me to enter!
"I want you inside me - now !' **** me !

I was soon at her entrance and entered slowly - her face in pain as I made my way inside...
BUT within moments I was in up to the hilt !
The feeling of her hot and tight vaginal walls around me was amazing !

I drew out slowly and slowly and went back in - her hands on my bum and pulling / pushing
her body writing - moans and unintelligible words coming out in anguish !

O I was in heaven!

"*** inside me - *** now !! I want it " She knew I was not going to last
Such amazing ***** action was having an effect on me that I had never known!

I spurted and filled her with my *** 0 she knew and held me inside
with fierce fingers digging into me .... holding me in place..
as her own fingers went to her **** and soon her own ****** filled the room -
sounds moans and cries - and much wetness around my shrinking ****.

She cried -- " I never ever thought I would have such feelings ! "
I had to say I thought and felt the same !

She kissed and licked the juices off me and I did the same for her --
and we lay together in that mutual afterglow of an act of love and
amazing sex that crossed
International and racial boundaries
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May 15, 2012