My First Time (Part 1)

There was woman that use to watch my brothers and myself when I was 8 years old . Once my parents split up I lived with my Dad I got into some trouble when I was 14. he asked her to watch me 2 days a week. then one day when I got there she told me she was in the shower to sit in the kitchen. She came in wearing a robe. And started to tickle me we ended up on the floor rolling around. As we did the robe opened and her large breast where exposed. I won and held her arms so she couldn't tickle me any more. I looked to the side not looking at her breast. She asked if I didn't like her breast. I said no I shouldn't be looking a t her though.
I wasn't paying attention, next thing she rolled me over and laughed. Then she scooted up holding my arm down with her legs. took her hand and made me look
at her them lower her breast down into my face. When I closed my eyes she grabbed my balls and told me to look at them and suck the nipple. She kept switching her breast.I was so busy with her breast I never noticed that she unbuckled my pants and unzipped them. I noticed when she grabbed my ****. And started to play with my ****. Sliding her fingers around it working them up and down. I didn't know it but she was playing with her ****. Just as I was about to *** she stop and said to go the the sofa.I was frustrated and thought she was done. Once we where on the sofa she started again. She said she was going to make me ***. I was embarrassed to think I was going tot ***. She then told me to get a dish towel from the kitchen. When I return she started o jerk me off again. And asked if any one jerked me off before? I said yes and she said you lie you are a virgin. She was right and I turned beet red. She then tossed the towel on my ****, and said she didn't want *** all over the place. That is when I noticed she was playing with her self. then before I knew it we both came, not at the same time. She was right I came a lot.
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So hot! I'd loved that! Do you walk around now near ladies with a towel handy? Lol mwah

No, but my shirt is out a lot!

Such a horny lil thing you are! Lol

I so try , Sex is always good thing

Oh I so need to go see my lover after you stories! Heavy breathing.... Lol

You better, I think you have a great time

Lol you horny lil one! I stagger around over there enough!

I think you need a good stiff one!

Lol bet it'd be fun huh lol. Best when it almost aches huh baby?! Lol

Oh, yes

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I can think of several women at that age I would have enjoyed your experience with but never happened. Great story.

Sorry you did not enjoy this experience.

Would you let your wife teach some kid the same?

I wish, she is not open minded

Wow what fun that was I am sure!

oh it was great! what about you first time?

mmm sexy story..