You complete me as we become one together.
I feel you with me always.
I feel your soft caress on me on and off, and it becomes more frequent 
as the days go by.
Like I can feel your fingers slightly tracing over my body.


Those slow soft waves of desire inside the pit of me that flow...the intensity grows instantly.
Each time you do this, the waves become more intense and 
bring me closer to that point of being at the edge.
Oh, how you affect me...

Feeling every word you say as if they were a reality.
My mouth becoming dry...needing your touch.
The mind becoming more and more consumed in these moments with you, desire and need of you.
The tingling of the mind and body as they become sensitive to your touch.

I begin hanging on your every word; I begin to feel myself begging for your words of touch.
Each time being brought a little higher in that point of desperation of need.
My surroundings begin to fade as the mind and body are raised in arousal and desire.

This is what I want...what I need...what I desire...what I dream of...


Wings1969 Wings1969
46-50, F
2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Your words frighten me. You must be wonderful to live with.

Why would my words frighten you?

They are so powerful and I fear that your bodily needs would be far beyond any normal man to satisfy. The words convey such a great need.

The words that I type out and put onto the screen in front of me; they are just my feelings. How I really feel. Sharing those thoughts with others.
Luckily, I do have someone who fulfills all that I have ever dreamed of, in many ways. But most importantly, is that he shows me daily why I fell in love with him, and I continue do that so over and over.

beautifull where 2 become 1 amazing passion

Thank you for reading and commenting. Very amazing passion, fire, desire.