Older Women and Younger Men.

I wanna know if older women really do like younger men and if so how many are out there. I wanna hear some stories as well... I'm just new at this Ep thing...

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I'm in my early 40s and was talked into a "thing" with an extremely young man. I had been in a horrible marriage with a awful man for over 20 years and the idea intrigued me. I could not believe that a young man would want me (I also weighed 320 pounds & he was thin and extremely hot) I learned so much from this man. I've lost 60 pounds due the confidence that I gained from him. It only lasted a few months because I meesed things up with my inexperience in dating. But through the experience I found energy and fun and everything I had let my ex take from me. Now I only hang with guys under 30. I have absolutely no attraction to men my own age. I could never see myself with them. I love this younger generation and how they view the world and women. I really hope to find the true love of my life one day and he will most likely be 23 to 30.

for me i mostly like older woman bcuz i felt co4table wth her, have gf nw and she is 62 and im 25 yrs old.

read one of my stories

i wish i cud have some guide and tutoring from someone older than me i get aroused by older women despite being decent and virgin

Younger guys help to make you feel young and alive again.

i would love for an older woman to talk to me and for us to get in a relationship.. hmu

I am 53 years old. My husband is 31. When we met, he was 23 and I was 45. For us, life is the normal life of a regular couple, we do stuff that normal couples do, except we will not have children. We love each other, we talk, we share dreams, we have fun. He protects me from danger when there is danger afoot, mostly in the shape of big bugs that get into the house. He is my best friend, my love and my lover.

I'm 21, she is 40. And she is beautiful! The relationship is 7 mths long but so far so good. Stay in touch and I'll tell you more. :)

I'm 21, she is 40. And she is beautiful! The relationship is 7 mths long but so far so good. Stay in touch and I'll tell you more. :)

I'm 21, she is 40. And she is beautiful! The relationship is 7 mths long but so far so good. Stay in touch and I'll tell you more. :)

I am 60, divorced female, I started dating younger men, years ago. I prefer them 25-30 young enough to be sexual dynamos but old enough to know how to treat a lady, albit with a little tutoring from me.<br />
They say they like older women because we have the experience they are looking for. Maybe I have been lucky in my choices, but they have all appreciated what I had to offer.

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I am 44 years old and my husband is 31. We have been together for almost 5 years and I must say this is the BEST relationship I have ever had in every aspect, from physical, to emotional, spiritual etc... too boot, we are both from different countries. I am American, he is Dutch. I moved to Holland after we married. ^^

Im 34 and **** younger all the time. One has to be careful sometimes they tend to fall in love even though you both go into it as booty call only.

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I love younger men. I have a VERY healthy sexual appetite and men my own age cannot keep up with me. My appetite for sex seems to be increasing with age. In looking back at my past relationships, and there have been many, most men have been my junior, some by many years. The youngest I dated was a year out of high school, I was in my mid thirties. He didn't know much but wham, bam thank you ma'am when it came to sex.. I schooled him in the pleasures of lovemaking and how to treat and pleasure a woman. Our affair lasted for well over a year. He left a much better lover than when he first crossed my doorstep. If a woman has a healthy sexual appetite why shouldn't she seek a younger lover who can satisfy her needs and desires.

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Ive had relationships with four younger men, they have less baggage, more energy and make very hot lovers.<br />
<br />
Women peak over 35 and guys around 19....so if you want a very hot and passionate thing, go with a younger one<br />
<br />
I am over 50 and my lover half my age......he can just about keep up with me <br />
<br />
:) x

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I'm 48 and single. I've been mostly dating men 50 and up. However, I've had some younger guys interested in me. I work at a college so I'm surrounded. I never thought about being with a younger guy because my biggest sex organ is my brian and I need mental stimulation. However, I've caved in and started seeing someone 10 years younger and WOW fantastic. I've never felt sexier and he has much to say about the world and what is around him. I love men in general, but I think I'm going to start pursuing younger men or at least giving them a shot

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There is a distinct difference between 17 and 19. One is hot and the other is jailbait.

Hi Jadebles I'm new to this EP thing too...I had never really gave much thought about being with a younger man, or actively sought out that kind of relationship...not that I was against it, I also had just got out of a pretty long term relationship with someone slightly older than me, and wanted to have just get out and have fun...and oh boy have we had fun! The guy I've been seeing is about 6 years younger, I'm almost 30 and hes 24. He's the one who persued me, and I let him, honestly I fealt pretty good about it although I never toyed with him (not much anyway, and when I did he liked it!). <br />
We've been seeing each other a few months now, and we enjoy each others company and our relationship is more based around just being in the present and having fun...lots and lots of fun in all senses of the word...<br />
I'm his first older woman and hes my first younger guy, so I asked him what he liked about dating an older woman, he said theres no guessing as to where he stands, I (mostly) know what I want at this point in life, and I make him feel desired...the feeling is mutual, he makes me feel like a fox! I like his energy, physical and mental, I enjoy talking to him about all sorts of topics...we don't try to change one another either, but I've never understood why you'd want to change someone no matter what the relationship scenario may be.<br />
<br />
A downside is, if you can call it a downside-is that he's falling for me a lot quicker than I even realized...he said he'd marry me tomorrow if I wanted to. Ocassionally he can be a little insecure and jealous, although I never intentionally give him reason to...sometimes I wonder, if this does go further, if I will someday be worried or jealous of younger women...although the taboo of ym/ow relationships seems to be lifting I know unfortunately an older womans appearance is more sternly critiqued than an older mans...<br />
<br />
so as a first time poster, and first time older woman/younger man relationship, I hope I helped answer your question a little bit. I have known a few people in relationships like this and I suppose they're all different in their own respect. <br />
Bottom line for this one...we have fun together and the sex is earth moving. Sorry to be blunt but thats pretty much where I'm at with it! We've learned a lot from each other thus far...I am in love with life again, this is one of the most unexpected and fun relationships I've ever had!

I am 41 an dyes I like younger guys. Why? I don't know really. Maybe because they make us feel young again. I've only had 1 experience with a younger man and if it was him again I would do it again. The draw back to younger guys is that they are not usually sensitive and understanding of theirs and the woman's emotions. So, if you are trying to get with older women, then I suggest try being manly yet sensitive.

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