Large Pink Nipples On White Breasts

I have this desire to tantalize my tongue with large pink/dark pink nipples. I want to smother my face in a curvy woman's breasts. I want her to feel my long hair fall on her round orbs while I slowly suck and taste her sweetness. Staring up at her eyes as I suck and caress her white bossoms with my long finger nails. Lightly pressing so I leave a soft pink shade trail down the sides of her round breasts. Then I would squeeze them and nestle my face in between her valley so I can softly lick up to her neck and back down again. I want to make her dripping wet with just the sweetness of my mouth and the tenderness of my touches. MMMM.

starshineblue4you starshineblue4you
36-40, F
Mar 10, 2010