Ok well hears a good story...I Crossdress and when I was younger and no money IDE steal all the panties I could from sister to friends homes to lines, it was crazy. I almost got caught trying on a pair while working remodel a home, I found ***** pair in a hamper,....messed up I know, but i was new to this, so wishing up I got smarter on who I chose from. I started with my wife (gf at the time) but she was so small...so I chose her sister instead so I stole panties from her a lot over and over smelling and tasting them wearing her ones around her for fun, but then I felt bad and started to replace them. Got her new pairs. I knew her size and taste so it wasn't hard after realizing I could just buy them without people freaking out, I quit! So she came over one day to chill when I just got out of class and it seemed weird from the start because she never does but she wanted to just hang....after a few drinks and chatting, she told me that she allways liked the feel of the red thong I was wearing..........my face plummeted white silent and shocked, she saw she knew I was dead. I thought for sure she's just leave and tell my her sister she caught me, but know she instead leans forward and grabbed her pantie strap of a black vs bikini pair I got her pulled it up and said "but these are way better" then I asked if she was going to tell she said not if I told her what I was doing(she was pissed at this point) catching me, angry and I was backed in a corner I told her everything, my crossdressing her panties and licking them clean, wearing them on my face, ******* while I think of her grinding her ***** all over my face and wanting to *** all over them. It hit me how weird I sounded but these were my fantasy's. After I explained everything she got, nice....like she said don't worry sheel go shopping with me, help me out and it was refreshing. We sat there a while talking about why I started being a cd and from when she had wanders if she ever would meat one how we could've been closer knowing this,.....things got dramatic ....we were making out kissing and touching and just it happened so fast...I was amazed we were already on my bed and her pants were COMMING off and I was wearing nothing but her thong. She tore off he pants and climed right on me and started rubbing her cubit on my face, hard...I could feel all the lips and the soft cotton with the edges moist slidding and pushing and drifting my face was so soaked and then after grabbing her hips and driving my face forward putting my nose in her clog she moaned so loud. I forced my face all over her ***** and I through her over emoji lying the smell and tastes of all her dirty wet pantie cover *****. Her legs were shaking and as she began to tear off her shirt and bra I started to eat her *****....it lasted for an hr or so just tasting everything all over my mouth and toung. My sheet were wet and her *** was drenched when I was done, I got up and she took her panties and put them on my face letting me eat their cummy crotch clean.she kissed me through her panties and said "*** in me" I didn't know it bug I already made it inside her, she was real wet and then on I ****** and ****** and she latex their legs around me arms squeezing sheets and staring at me moaning. After watching her **** bounce and bounced and feeling her all warm and covered in ***, she grabbed her thong on me and played with if up and down my *** as I pounded over and over finally I told her I'm going to *** shd said ok waiting for it and I released and she felt it cuz she smiled then had me get pug of her real quick and took the panties off my face and she pug them on,,,I was weirded out then shd said hold on, ....she let all my *** drip in her panties on her then got on me and said she'd let me have these if I eat her out again, so I did,......then me and her took a nap together and ,....it never happend again
abillawolf abillawolf
31-35, T
Aug 16, 2014