Male Escort Or Savior? My Experience With A Straight Male Escort

Hello my name Ladysmith From Ohio  and I am new to San Diego and also new to Dating.  I'm writing you to share my story of my life saving chance encounter.  I moved out here after a messy divorce. I moved here to attempt a fresh start. To my dismay, I wasn't having much luck moving on.  I couldn't focus on work, I was constantly crying and when I wasn't working, I would isolate myself from everything and everyone.  I had always been a strong and independant women and never had a problem getting over a guy.  Unfortunately I was completely and utterly in love with my husband. I spent many days and nights alone blaming myself for what had happened.  No matter how much my family and friends tried to convince me otherwise, I couldn't hear it.  I ended up loosing my job, my friends, my apartment.  I couldn't breathe and sleep was my only salvation. I gained so much weight and my self-esteem was shot. I felt like I was in quicksand, and nobody around that could help.  Fortunately my cousin lives out here and she took me in and gave me her guestroom to stay in.  She was very worried that I was gonna give up.  She didn't know what to do or what to say to help me.  One night she literally forced me to leave the house with her to get a drink and talk.  I thought to myself that things couldn't get any worse until she took me out, I knew she was gonna tell me to leave.  So we get to the resturant and order drinks.  She looked at me a softly said that I had to move on.  I began to cry because I thought she was asking me to move out.  I totally thought I was being abanded by the only person that was standing by my side.  She saw how upset I was and realized I had taken it the wrong way.  So she explained what she was trying to say, which wasn't what I had thought.  She then placed a wrinkled up orange business card with the title Alexander "The San Diego Companion" on it in my hands.  I was completely confused at this point, so I asked what is this?  She replied, this is the person that helped me prevail when things got bad for me.  He is not an "Escort", nor a "Prostitute".  To me he was my salvation.  She called him "The Personal Companion".  She told me that we were meeting up with him tonight.  I wanted to get up and run.  I didn't know if I should be furious or embarraced.  I had no time to decide, a few minutes later a good looking, dark haired young man approach and introduced himself.  He said, "Good evening, I am Alexander, may I sit down? My cousin said yes as she stood up and looked at me with a smile and said good luck as she walked away.  What the heck was she thinking? I was so nervous and somewhat scared.  But I was also curious to see what this was all about.  He smiled at me as he held my hand. He said people call him "The San Diego Cimpanion".  He explained what he did for a living and how he helped others in a time of need and loneliness.  He said that he's a personal companion and he gets hired by the hour,day, or week. He said he was similar to an escort but without all the negative stigmas that most male escorts are known for.  He said he's a cross between an escort, a therapist, a best friend, a motivater, and a confidence healer/rebuilder.  Needless to say I was like, Huh????? I just sat there, I didn't know what to say or do.  All of a sudden he reached over, held my hands, looked right into my eyes as if looking into my soul, and said "I am here for you, I wanna hear you, and I wanna know you.  Suddenly I started to get chills throughout my body, where I once was completely knumb.  Tears began to roll down my cheek and all I could say was "I have no money to pay you". He smiled with a look of confidance and said it's been taken care of. All I could say was, "oh?" We talked for hours, through drinks, dinner, dessert, and then a moonlight walk on the beach.  He hung on my every word, not once did he get side tracked or disstracted. He listened as if what I was saying was the most important thing in the world and at that point I felt as if I was the most important person In the world to him that night.  I didn't remember the last time I had talked that much, but something about this guy allowed me to open up and completely trust him.  I cried a few times throughout the night as he smiled and said,"because you feel so much love and your not afraid to show it, it makes you beautiful". I didn't know what that meant but it made me feel better.  We hugged, we laughed, we danced, we connected.  I've never connected with anyone in such a short time of knowing them.  But he definately has a gift and such a positive outlook on life.  I know now why he does what he does because he's great at it and he's genuinely cares and wants to make things better for me.  He opened me up, he built me up, and he motivated me to be a happier, stronger person.  It was an incredible night.  He literally saved my life, I owe him so much.  He made me feel good about myself and who i was. Today my life is a totally different story.  I lost the weight, I'm dating, working, traveling, surfing, rock climbing, and living life to the fullest in beautiful San Diego.  I still hire him from time to time for those hassel free, stress free dinner, dancing, and stimulating conversation. He's worth every cent I pay him.  I share my story of a wonderful guy who gave me back my will to survive and love again.  I pass this info to you and anyone whom Alexander can help and be apart of.   He will make a difference no matter what the situation or occassion may call for.  He helped me so I'd like to help others by introducing him to them and sharing him. Please take my story to heart and view his web site www.thesdcompanion.Com Maybe you or somebody you know will get one of those funny looking orange business cards of his.  It's been my honor and privilage sharing my story.  Sincerly, Lady Smith of San Diego
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I just wanted to thank you for shedding some very positive light on the fact that us male escorts have more than one dimension. I can honestly say that some of my most rewarding dates have been with women who needed to connect and appreciated the fact that I was there to listen. If you ever want a date in the LA area, hit me up. Though I work through a madam, I'd be happy to give you a very discounted rate. You seem like a sweet woman. Jed

As a straight male escort I can tell you that the vast majority of our time is spent being the kind, non-judgemental, listener that many women can't find. More often than not meetings don't end in sex. The woman is just looking for someone who will be there for them in the moment and be there with them in the moment with out placing any demands or expectations on her.<br />

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Sometimes that's all you need is someone who genuinely listens, and thank you!! :-)

am glad u r back on track . .this guy seems to be a good listener ... <br />