I Want To Hold Him...

I want to kiss his neck and feel his pulse on my lips,
I want to smell his skin and his special scent when he wakes up,
I want him to feel what he means to me,
I want him to look in my eyes and know that I'm for him, and he for me,
I want to hold him anywhere, everywhere, anytime.

When I let him go,
He'll know it's only because I have to,
He'll feel my arms around him all day,
He'll know they'll be open and waiting for him when I see him again.
roughNready roughNready
51-55, F
2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Thanks Michelle, I'm happy it touched you. It can really make you ache to have someone as close as your screen, and only connected through the keyboard, and yet not have them because they're so far away, doesn't it? I hope that, one day, you get to meet your special Lady. Peace and Love to you Sister.

That is beautiful...I feel the same way but only its another woman on here !! You definitely have a way with words !!