You, My Future Lover.

I want to whisper sordid secrets to you.  Things only you shall ever know, as I stroke your hair tenderly. I want you to feel safe and surrender in the protective circle of my arms. I need you. I would never take advantage of you....but perhaps you want that. I will give you the softest kisses, my hands may wander. Perhaps you will tell me with your body language that you desire me as much as I desire and cherish you. Only you can tell me. Whatever happens, I will be content to hold you.
26-30, M
2 Responses May 1, 2012

nicely written

Thanks, CJ! What else did you think about it?

*sighs* how romantic ..sooo beautiful =-)

I'm glad you liked it. I ran across a picture that made me think of you the other day, Softkitti.