I Want In Your Pants….(pt.1)

On our first date Annie (my 2nd wife) went to an outdoor concert up in the mountains. On our way there we stopped at a burger joint and got a couple of sandwiches and fries and cokes. We stopped at an empty campground on the way to the show and ate our dinner and washed up at the facilities there. Since there was no one there I decided to take a chance and just grabbed her and planted a kiss on her, a kiss she hungrily returned. When I started to move my hands and explore, she broke off the kiss with a smile and said she was really looking forward to the show, so we got in my SUV after another peck and drove up to the show.

While we were at the show we were constantly kissing each other, sitting with our arms around each other. But every time I started to feel around, she stopped it and kept hold of my hand.

After the show was over we went back to the truck, but I decided to let everyone else leave first as a lot of people had been drinking, and I wasn’t going to risk a traffic accident. So I opened the passenger door and sat on the seat with my feet on the ground and pulled her into me for a good long kiss. Afterward she turned around and her magnificent *** was on top of my ****, and I started to get hard.
She obviously felt my **** pushing against her *** even though we were both dressed, and I started kissing her neck and ears. She was moaning slightly, and I reached around and cupped her ***** on the outside of her jeans and began rubbing softly. She moaned again and then I moved my hand to the waistband of her jeans and started to slip under her clothes when she grabbed me and stopped me. She said she liked me, but she wasn’t ready to start getting physical on a first date.

I came right out and told her I wanted in her pants, and that she wouldn’t regret it, either. She smiled, kissed me and told me she wouldn’t do it on the first date, which told me there would be a second if I was interested.

We ended up in her bed on the second date, but that is another story…….
chillsdavis chillsdavis
56-60, M
May 23, 2012