Wanting You .. And An Afternoon With Jack......

Do I want what is in you pants? God yes! I want to put my hand in your pants. I want to put more than my hand ! I want to put you in my pocket, and carry you around with me, . You make me feel so good, beautiful.. I am instead spending an afternoon with Jack.. Smooth and brown .. goes down easy.. .Some how he doesn't make me feel as good as you, Dam!! But he helps me to keep in focus by taking away my focus, making it harder to see the keys on this computer.But easier to put down the words..How did the days melt into one another?.. How the hell did my heart melt? I swore that would not happen... so its me and Jack today.. he is making it ok ....I wont remember today which is good....Tomorrow I will be fine, tomorrow we will be friends.... Talking about things normally .... your life... my life....... today I will miss you and find comfort with Jack.....I am allowing myself today, ... just today... to miss you ... just today to love you.... Give me that.....just today....
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

I love this, I know it, I can feel it! Well done.

That comes out, but that what makes it work. It's a piece of you. It's real.