Hand In Your Pants!

I love to put my hand in my lover's pants and play with them till they ***. I love to feel my male lover's **** swell in my hand as I rub against them. I love kiss and nibble on their lips as I move my hand up and down his hardening ****. I love to squeeze him and rub the head of his **** till he **** in his pants.

But I also love to my hand in my female loves pants and rub on their clits as I hear them moan my name. I love to feel her getting wetter and wetter and I start to finger her tight little *****. I love to put my finger in her and use my thumb to rub her **** at the same time. I love to feel her *** and her ***** squeeze my fingers.

After my lovers *** I love to lick them off my hand, and sometimes make them lick my clean to. Its such a turn on!
AngelAndDemon AngelAndDemon
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May I offer you a seat, my face is open for your comfort. Angel

Angel my dear I would love to experience you. I would happily remove my pants do you did not have to strain in an awkward position. The very least I could do,

What an erotic attitude you have

Thanks! ;-)

A guy who appreciates a good *******

Most do lol! Even the gay ones lol

That lucky stiff!

That will be you baby!

Now I'm getting stiff!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm baby!

I'm normally not bi at all... but reading this really turned me on. First, because I want to do the same thing to a guy... but then your description.... so hot.

I'd love to fool around with you in a group... let you play with the guy I'm with... and then, to my surprise (and his pleasure to watch), you do the same to me. (Of course, he would return the favour with his fingers and lips).

Sounds like fun!

That is a very hot story. Can you or have you ever done both at the same time?

I would if I had 2 willing people.

What would drive me wild would be to be tied spreadeagle as one of you ride my baloney pony and the other grind herself in my face. Therefor, I could both taste and feel a second ****** at the same time.

Lol baby

Wow ...

Lol thanks

I love getting my hands down pants

Wow- you write with such powerful words- very erotic- very nice - you certainly know how to cheer someone up who's feeling a bit low at the moment- that has made me smile - well written- thanks for posting. -mark xxxx

Glad you like it mark ;-)

;) like it ?? I Think its AWESOME !!

LOL should have guessed lol

Just thinking about you doing that- sends nice shivers up my back (amongst other places!! Lol)

Awwwwww Mark you know just what to say to turn me on!

Mmmm nice!!

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God, this turns me on. Having a woman make me *** with her hand is about as good as making me *** in her mouth or ***** and sometimes more exciting. I especially like how you kiss and nibble on a guy's lips while you do it. I know my pants would be seriously *** soaked if you did this to me.

Mmmmmmm baby!

I wish I was your lover and was able to enjoy your hands rubbing **** wow


I sure I would feel like I was in heavan!