By Now...

Well, everyone should know my name, by now. Well, those who read my stories and comments and those who are in my circle. I do not hide my first name at all. Though, I don't trust all to share my full name. Only a select few gets to know it. =p

But my name is Danielle. But I like my nickname Dani, better. Either I will answer to. Also my username is cool too. I answer to Shadow also. :-)

Nice to meet you all. :-D

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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

I always wanted a black labrador X lurcher, and i wanted to call him Shadow. =P<BR><BR>I tell my friends my first name pretty quickly, as I changed username recently. They can also call me Hobo if they want or London, or BC, too. :) Some friends, I mainly communicate with in comments and by writing stories in response to their's, they dont get this info, as it's in a public place and private-ish info, it's just for using multiple usernames, it might not even be my real name I use, but it is, or it'd be a nicer name! :)