There isn't anyone on EP who knows my name. Actually, out every site I'm on... other than facebook, only one person knows my name. I'm just a very private person & don't like the idea of giving away any kind of personally identifying information. I would have used an alias on facebook lol, but didn't, though I was very anxious not to. I don't even use my cats names when writing about them (though I have once or twice). I'm also kind-of paranoid that someone will either use my name to do something.. like steal my identity.. or that I might know them & they'll figure out who I am. Especially on this site because I've shared so much.


*UPDATE* 8-11-09

That's not true anymore. Now there is one, possibly two, people from this site who know my real name.

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I'm on a lot of social networking sites lol. The closest things I have to friends are people I've met on sites like that. Luckily, no one has tried to contact me through Facebook yet, though I'm still worried about it. On MySpace, since it's not my real name, I don't have to worry about it too much. But sometimes I put up my pic on that site, so I worry about someone noticing me. Especially now that I'm in college. I even considered making my profile private out of paranoia lol (& probably will).

I used a fake name on facebook....I wouldn't dare use my real name....blah I hate those social networking sites. I don't want people from high school or my past looking me up...and trying to reconnect. I stayed on facebook for a couple days...and haven't logged back in sense. I do have a myspace page to...that was pretty much created for me, that I never get on. <br />
<br />
All my family are on these sites and are nosey....I'M A VERY PRIVATE PERSON I know what you mean. Sorry about the caps...I have insomnia and it's early. I don't think you need to change you name. Yeah, that would suck if someone found me out on here. I do have pics up of me though on my other username...that I use on here. I'm getting pretty paranoid now..

I was thinking more like....Lyra XD A name you could answer to if somebody shouted it.

It's very easy to spell.... two words put together... "lyrical" & "longings".... I just took an "l" out inbetween the two words. :D

Well, thats not really a problem, but it would be great if you chose a nickname that's actually easy to spell XD Like someone else's name.