Altogether its three. But one just knows the name that everyone calls me. Another knows both what everyone calls me and my actual name because I told him and the other knows it all because I know her off of ep and have known her for 10 years.

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I mean bizarre creations in a good way lol<br />
<br />
<br />
Me thinks you off to sleep, good night!

Of course. I would never mean in a bad way.

Of course. I would never mean in a bad way.

In a good way, not in a bad one!

Like you.

Yeah I mean people who go there they are like some bizarre creations of humanity.


its all comparative. Hugs too

SHUT UP!! You are NOT a loser. ((((hugs))))

I dont have much credentials except my test scores, MIT aint looking for losers.

Aww. Why?

Yep i will, but I dont have much hopes anymore! :(

You better remember to tell me ASAP!

I said I hope! Its due late today for you tomorrow afternoon, 2pm

=) hear back from MIT?

Lol I am the other one hehe, just a matter of time I hope before I know you off ep too! =)