Possible Pregnancy In Room 3 But Wait, There's More...

On August 22, 2010 I slipped and fell at work and was directed to go to the hospital for a possible concussion. We sat in the waiting room of the E.R. from 7pm until 12am when they finally took us back. It was cold, we were tired and they weren't in a hurry to get us out of there. We waited another 2 hours and finally the nurse came back and had me pee in a cup, a half hour later my significant other over heard, "Possible pregnancy in room 3." He told me that he over heard it and I answered with they must be mistaken. They came in a let me know that I was pregnant. Let me clarify that I have PCOS and since I was 16 I have been told by many doctors that I would never be able to have kids or if I could it would be very difficult. I have been reading books about infertility for the last 5 years at this point. Back to my story, I let the nurse know there was no possible way I could be pregnant. I didn't believe them at all so I asked them to run a blood test... this took another hour and 15 minutes. So, now it was 3:45am. They finally came back and told me I was approximately 5 weeks along according to my HCG levels. Now we had to address the matter of my concussion. We didn't leave the hospital until 6am!

............................ A few weeks go by and I have my first ultrasound. They determined that I was about 33 weeks pregnant and due in about 2 months. (Felt like we found out we were pregnant twice lol the nice part is we both got the chance to find out together.)
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I don't get my monthly very often due to the Pcos.

Ah, well CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! 

But couldnt you tell by not having your period? or did your infertility mean you didnt get it?


Thank you!

I'm very pleased for you. Having a child is the most wonderful thing. I adore being a mother<br />