When the sky was cloudy,
When the moon played hide and seek,
When night overshadowed the light,
The dark agony haunted within...

Repenting over the past,
That followed you like a shadow vast,
The pride took you away in vain...
There will be no present and future to gain!

Stone pelting won't hurt you,
'Thee psychopath', 'thee sinner',
Blaming won't reach your mind,
What should the penalty in contempt be?

How could you cleave your other half,
No tear came out when you crushed your child,
You're supposed to be the sire, not an apocalypse,
Without a family you are a loner!

Now no one was there to praise,
Thy crown and thy status,
You tombed your dear ones in doubt,
Thy alibis won't stand for the crime!

No penny, no bread and butter can please you,
The slab of your palace was broken,
It injured you from toe to heart,
No medicine can cure the venom...

Your hands were trembling,
Eyes were puffy and tired,
Movements were slow and aged,
Thy heart wanted to die before the time!

You caged yourself in your doomed world!
You cried blood, you thudded against the walls,
You saw blood, skull and crossbones all over,
Alas! You ended up killing yourself disruptively!

You separated your legs by the knees,
Then you turned to the ears that were deaf all the way,
A long knife pierced into the eyes not to see anymore,
Though the blood spur, you drew out the soul!

When people didn't find you for days,
They stepped in and were stunned at your dismembered body,
Maggots and flies were over thy rotten body,
They threw up on you and ran...

From that day no one walked nearby,
Thy home became a cemetery!
A cemetery of a schizophrenic!
Mercy on thy pitiful life!
shottohead42 shottohead42
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013