I Personally Think War Is Abominable

i was of age when the Vietnam war came around. i lived in suburban NY. i was 15. we - the guys and i - would get together in the woods to drink beer and talk.

Where's Vietnam ? always came up. it's somewhere in Asia, we would retort. what the hell are we doing trying to keep a country 5,000 miles away free from communism and free for democracy ? would always come up. no gook's ever bothered me. we would retort. but there it was : THe Selective Service whatever...in other words, the draft. you turn 18, and you serve. no questions asked. didn't matter what your dreams were. you were going to be shipped to the jungle. WE MUST RID THE WORLD OF COMMUNISM !!!!! That was the official clarion. SEATO i believe it was called : South-East-Asian-Treaty-Organization. That was the body-politic that got us - officially - into Vietnam. It was like NATO : North-Atlantic-Treaty-Organization. We had to defend the members of SEATO fro communism. and that's all there was to it. Don't want to serve ? It's 5 years in the pen, plus fines. Look at what they did to Mohammed Ali. And there, ladies and gentlemen, was one good, patriotic american. and he could whoop anybody alive. we took the best years of his career. and all the boys we lost or maimed ! but that's kinda all forgotten now. but it wasn't if you were living then. not many of those boys - the ones that came back - got used to life in the States ever again. that says something about war. to kill at close range, someone you never met ; to put a bullet or 20 of them in his head ; that was the purpose. and what ever became of it ? Vietnam went communist anyway, and now - communist and all ( besides communism doesn't exist anymore ) it's a great TRADER with us. Yep, we have a lot of treaties with them. we killed them, they killed us ; no quarter given. now, you can go on a dreamland vacation to Vietnam with your US passport. Danang ?

how many remember that awful name ? and like Iraq I, its' behind us. let's shed no tears. what the heck ! Let's forget ! That's the patriotic mentality nowadays.

the 60's generation, WE - the baby-boomers - largely brought to naught by a crazy war. What do you think ?


Oh, by the way, here's a cool poem to help you think :



Waste of Muscle, Waste of Brain,

Waste of Patience, waste of Pain,

Waste of Manhood, waste of Health,

Waste of Beauty, waste of Wealth,

Waste of Blood, and waste of Tears,

Waste of youth's most precious years,

Waste of ways the saints have trod,

Waste of Glory, waste of God,-

War !

Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy ( 1883-1929 ) PS - His reflections on the 1st World War. 


Elieli Elieli
56-60, M
Mar 13, 2010