Lets See...

  1. Ensure my family's long term financial security
  2. Make a sizeable donation to Freedom from Religion Foundation so they can keep up their wonderful work.
  3. Make a sizeable donation to American Atheists and their campaign to remind the religious reich that atheists can be American too.
  4. Take in as many foster children as I could (one at a time so they could properly adjust) to give them a loving atmosphere, a top notch education, and all the psychological and emotional support they may need all without spending any money from the government.  (May need to hire a nanny or two at my expense.)
  5. Continue driving my Dodge Caravan.  It works great and I dont need anything fancy.
  6. Donate money to the public schools - provided they keep church and state seperate.
  7. Create a scholarship program for good students who want to go to college but just cannot afford to.
  8. Take care and raise money for foster children in need.
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1 Response Sep 15, 2009

1.pay the taxes on it them invest some pay off allmy bills donate some to chuch help my family then the rest in a saveing