Jumbo Bag

I have a big silverish bag I bought not-too-long-ago. Some people tease me about how big it is, but when you've got a lot of crap to haul around, it can be pretty convenient.

I've got:

a wallet, a cell phone, a digital camera, a kendama, a yoyo, my keys, chapstick, a small spiral notebook, earrings, a small makeup bag, tampons, receipts, a water bottle, a deck of cards, a tube of lotion, a lollipop, a love note, napkins, loose change, small children...

paperalias paperalias
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3 Responses Jun 7, 2008

a cell phone , wallet, make up, keys, oh look the tv remote i forgot that was in there i was hiding it from cousin haha

small children O.O they must have fun in there O.o<br />
taking pictures<br />
putting on make up and dressing up<br />
eating candy O.O<br />
do u gots enough room for me in there? =D

Wow it sounds like you were at the dollar store and went all out on stuff.