Purses Gone Wild

Today the weirdest thing happened at the most inconvenient time.  One of the straps on my coach purse broke.  There I was at my kid's school talking to the teacher and I looked down (after feeling the weight shift on my shoulder) and noticed that the strap was loose.  I can't even tell you when it happened. Talk about embarrassment! 

OK so here I am emptying the content of my purse onto the desk.  There are a few things (I learned from my mother) a woman should always keep in her purse.  The top two things I carry are

*breath mints of some sort (Altoids)

*handkerchief (I have an assortment of colors and designs, some are very detailed and some are monogramed).  The one I am currently carrying is white with embroidered hearts on all four corners.  The corners each have matching daisies and little white dots.  The ends of the handkerchief are looped in patterns of half circles and neatly finished.

Next I have my wallet (which is also coach and matches the fabric print of my purse),

I'm wondering if I have anything in here that will incriminate me....lol.... I've been known to be prepared if you know what I mean.  (wink)

Next I have a tiny spirital notepad.  Its the kind detectives and or police use when taking reports/notes.  I use it to keep myself organized i.e. grocery lists, reminders ect.

There is a bottle of roll-on perfume oil (if you would like to know what scent just ask).

My keys, a hair brush, a pencil, two ink pens, loose candies (Starbursts), three tubes of lipstick (red, pink and bronze), Mac lipgloss, a bag of fruit snacks and a safetypop lol

Anyway....Since I have to switch purses I may as well share what I kept in it. 



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bet. I'll check back.