I Know Some Answers But That Doesn't Answer It All

In this world is and has been the Evil Evolution of Natural Selection, by Competition.

I hate "Competition".

I find the youthfulness something of its own Beauty and that I want for immortality.

Not for getting Old and Turning ugly. Not for the Ephemeral of Living. But for Immortality!

Life has made me Inapt in handling conventional relationships and disabled to have gotten a Professional Career. My life has the tendency to appear dull and boring to most and by most to most people in this world. Because I have found more meaning in Life by Ayurveda, the Sanskrit Road to living. The Science of finding our Universe to Explore it and its own Creatively with its own Beautiful and in suspending harmonies of peace and meditations. Taking the slow pace to our journey with life. And not into other Popular Majority Genre interest others want to live their life's with it. The only Path that many take handed down to them and dictated by our own society and culture's.

Which doesn't go along with 99.99999999% of this world's population and finding that good looking women to my liking, is a women that every other man wants in this Life's competition. I do not stand a chance in this competition and even there being the jealousy for this kind of wondrous relationships (The ideas many have in mind for monogamy or promiscuous belief's that clash in our world.) ...  and how much of it has different conventional ideas. And to have this Ayurveda ideas with it. Isn't even understood by 99.999999999% of men and women in this world to begin with. This Life for meeting Ayurveda purposes than for Family propagation purposes are two different Paths on this Life. I would handle a Ayurveda Relationship better than having a conventional Family of propagation Raising  a Family purposes. Because I do not make the Financial Income to handle it. I am disabled and inapt for being able to raise a Family with conventional and traditional ethics and belief's.

I can be someone grateful that most relationships creates other problems, I could not handle with and it has kept me from having it go bad in that direction. But as for my Healing and having incentives with some things in Life. An Ayurveda Relationship has still been in my focus. So I could have a more healthier and meaningful Life this way. But it clashes with this world and is very limited in the minority of this world's population.

I have a hard time believing in the Divine, because the world can be too much in its ways and not doing much in the little that is in Antithesis with the Mainstream of Life, as for making the minor and small things thrive in Life as well. And have such provisions that would not clash with the mainstream and conventional Life in this World is so caught up in.

It is better to be Single and alone than being with the wrong person and having the World cave in on our other means with its Evil Troubles that prevent a Life of having an Ayurveda Life in our own Solitude. But then being a Hermit, A Bachelor and being Celibate at the moment is in another sense our only other means of having a peaceful life. But it isn't going to be a Social one with this World! Let Me Tell You!

Being by Oneself is going to need Respect from ... (This ... ) ... The rest of this World, like it or Not! In my Own Solipsism! The other dimensions I notice about our lives are we are only a part of this Universe in its Reality. The part of the "Yen or Yang" A part of this Universe's Polarity. We only see half in part in our own perceptions of Reality and the other half mends this split polarity of our lives, is why we look for our Soul Mate.
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Jan 20, 2013