...and There Goes My Ego

For months I'd wanted to introduce my boyfriend and my best friend, two of the people I really cared about. I'd shown my boyfriend pictures of her - she's fun and attractive, and I knew he'd like her. When I told him they'd meet soon, he confessed that he thinks she's sexy and asked me if I'm open to a ********* should the opportunity arise. I fought my jealousy and agreed that if "one thing leads to another" I wouldn't be opposed - she's more or less the only girl I've ever considered sexually even before he came along.
So I invited her out with us, we had a great afternoon and time came to head home. Him and I had 'innocently' suggested a couple of times that we could sleep over at his place, but she declined each time. I guess it was fairly obvious what each of us was thinking, and I knew I wasn't going to force my friend into something she did not want.
Finally, as she was getting on the bus, my man told me out of the blue that he's feeling pretty tired and that I should go home with her rather than stay the night. I couldn't help but answer with sarcasm - "Oh, I BET you are tired". As I got on the bus, he turned to me and said, "well, if you're going to be such a ***** about it..."
And that was the end of it. He lost all my respect in that second, but also made me realize I'd be better off without him. I sometimes say to myself - he really hurt my ego, but thankfully he couldn't break my heart.
TheAceOfLove TheAceOfLove
22-25, F
Jul 26, 2010