The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Read

Do not start something you can't  finish. School friends are great because? Because you have an intimate knowledge of them. The obvious down side? They know you too. Getting in to a relationship without knowing who they really are is irresponsible to yourself and it gives a bad person the opportunity to take advantage of you. The old, "Boo Hoo Hoo, BUT I LOVE (him/her)  Boo Hoo" is a box of boiled crap. If you feel that way it's called "NEEDY". It is time for you to to practicing to ditching the bad ones. It is not your business to know how they feel when you are gone. There is no "REAL" or legal commitment that comes with a pretend, start-up, crush, sex optional relationship. WHEN YOU MEET SOMEONE AND THEY RING YOU BELL, IT IS YOUR responsibly  TO LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM AS FAST AS YOU CAN. IT IS ALSO YOUR BUSINESS TO KEEP EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR SELF FROM THEM THAT YOU DO NOT WANT THEM TO KNOW. If it dosen't"t't look good, cut and run. They might be great but their baggage could kill you. You are now n control of what happens to you. Git out there now and make yourself a great big Ol' mess. I'm not going to tell you much about my breakups other than; I threw one girls stuff out onto the lawn because she didn't't tell me that she had just been released from a mental institution and that's the same day she moved into my house while was at work without my invite. We had one more round of  "crazy love" and I threw her stuff out the door. Her mom helped pack up her things so she could move home. Her mom and I had gotten to be good friends. I told you that so I could tell you this. I was addicted to the most powerful bi-polar/hypo manic, sweat until you are so dehydrated your body aches, Marathon sex. I'm bi-polar also. Can you imagine us trying to ride each other into the ground? That was a bad and dangerous relationship. Obviously, I did not want to let go but it had to end. Every break-up has the potential to be a mess. Bad relationships linger because "NO ONE WANTS TO BE ALONE". The next mess; I did it the wrong way and I got a guitar, twelve string and mandolin smashed into pieces and all of my cloths went up in flames. Sometimes there is a price to pay. There is a lot of really fun stuff I could tell you but alas I must go
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Jul 29, 2010