Worst Break Up Ever!

Ok, so im so young and filled with highschool vigor. The 9th grade I absoulutly fell head over heals for this sophmore named Ben. All the girls wanted to date him, and I felt like i was the last on his mind. Well my older sister was friends with his older brother, so I got to go over to Bens house for holloween parties, and things of that nature. It didnt take long for Ben to notice me, and he didnt hesitate to flirt. I was so in love! He asked to date me, and I was on cloud 9! We did all the romatic things I dreamed of, long walks, he carried my books. And the night came when he tried to go further sexually and I simply wasnt ready. I said I love you, but Im not ready to do that yet. He understood and didnt pressure me. Just a few days later, walking into the blue wing at school, where it was packed with seniors, I was holding his arm with one arm, and my books with the other. A strange man came up to me grabbed my arm, and asked me where i was last night. I was like, who are you? and Ben was like who is this guy. He continued to make a huge scene in front of everyone that I cheated on him, and called me a ***** in front of everyone. He yelled at me, broke up with me, and left me standing in front of all of my peers feeling like the worst person in the world. Come to find out it was all set up by Ben, becuase i didnt sleep with him. Worst break up ever!
soadaddict11 soadaddict11
22-25, F
Aug 2, 2010