How to Break Up Without Breaking Up

 I had been seeing someone exclusively for over a year.  We didn't have any long-range plans together but he constantly dropped little hints about a future together.  I didn't think we were engaged or anything but I felt pretty confident that we were, in fact, a "couple".  We had keys to each other's apartments and for heaven's sake, I think we had a shared Blockbuster card.

We both moved to opposite sides of town and saw each other less frequently.  His job was a 24-hour on call type of thing so often we'd be at dinner or in bed asleep and he'd get paged and have to go.  I had no qualms about it - it was just part of the relationship.

So, after a few months of things slowly slacking off, I'm casually reading the sunday paper.  As pretty as you please, there was a large engagement announcement for him and another woman.  I read it over and over, name matched, employment matched, hometown was definitely him.  I couldn't believe it.  In fact, it was even funny - my first (ok, second) thought was, "Why would she want to marry him?  He gets called out all the time, he can't have a full evening to himself.  .  . . . .  oooooohhhhhhhh, (big lightbulb flashes) He was going to meet her..... DUH!

He called a few days later, said nothing of the engagement until I wished him congratulations.  Without a moment of hesitation, he say's "it isn't me".  A weird Q & A followed, with most of his answers being "Seriously, it isn't me".  Finally, the frustration did me in and I didn't even care what the explanation was.  And because the universe would not allow him to get away with it, the paper ran the engagement announcement again the following weekend.  I took it as a personal message to me from the universe "it's true, it's him, he's a looser, move on".  Which is exactly what I did.

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2008

so it was him? sorry i'm a lil confused here

Of course it was him. He was lying to her. I call this crazy making. It has finally sunk in that my guy was doing the same thing, for the last ten years. Oh what a waste of time! I think it is finally sinking in. They lie to make themselves feel better. My lesson to learn. I have so much to give and I go for these lying bastards that keep stringing me along, Well I cut the ties now. 2012, that is what it is for - a good cleansing.

Holy CRAP!!!!! That's a story and a HALF!!!!! Damn sister!!!!

Wierd.... but good for you!