Poof..gone ..what The..?

I broke up with a guy by moving out of town and he never knew what happened.He was mean to me so it was in my best interest.FELT GOOD !!

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2008

I know..Some men think they will never lose..smug chicken head lost a good woman.Still, after all this time I hope he found the right bride and treated her well..

lol that was actually funny.

Hi..I was planning to move and hurried up to get it done. I told him I'd call ..to give me a week to think over our getting back together conversation..No way was I getting back. The stall worked and I went to Florida. Stayed there 17 yrs.I could just see him going to my place with his huge self confidence. Opps..noone home & it's all cleaned out. Enough is enough..this worked for me. No more stalking and no more BS. Amen! :>)

Did you decide to move away because of him or were you already planning to move and left without telling him?