Theres A Reason Behind It

I dated a guy for almost a year, we were incredibly close. I told him things, I wouldnt even tell my bestfriend. Oneday he just completely ignored me, like i was a ghost or something, so I backed off and just assumed it was over. Three days later he called me and told me how much he loved me and couldn't live without me, so I just let it go and tried to be happy, but a few days passed and he did it again but this time for longer. I reallythought it was over, I tried moving on and then he ended up calling me after a week and said sorry my grandma died, i was under too much stress, so of course me being who I am and the fact that his grandma died, I forgave him.  He told me he was going to call me in the morning, but he never did. I just let it go and was trying to be patient, but one night his mom messaged me and said, my son doesnt love you anymore and he's moving on and he wanted me to tell you to do the same. Now I can laugh about it, but at that moment i was PISSED OFF!  He was 18 years old and he had to make his mommy do his dirty work.
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And his mother sounds lovely too. Lucky escape there I think.