"God Told Me We Should Break Up"

If having your heart broken wasn't hurtful enough, try being dumped me the girl and the Lord.....double whammy.  Please not that I am a Christian now but at the time I soooooo was not.  I dated this girl in High school and fell deeply in love, she was a "on the fence Christian" seeking a run on the wild side...me.  After so many months, I  fell hard as most men in family usually do.  When she wanted out she, in so many words, say God was not happy with our relationship.  Wow, dang........I got dumped for Jesus!  Jesus made this girl leave me.........this is something else.  

Presently I would agree, but then ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  Heartbreak is no joke and I did not like.  It took me a while get over it but after going through a Christian break-up, I didn't want to hear nothing about God.

Who you devote your attention is your choice Christian or not.  From a faith prospective, the Bible say in Proverbs "A way of a man (or woman) is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs on the heart"'.  You make the decision, God will direct you to what is right.  Consequently I think you can just break up because you want out.  I have seen a lot of people hurt from that way of approach.  Yes be obedient but there is way of doing it. How about those apples?
nordedav nordedav
26-30, M
May 21, 2012