More Than A Broken Heart-how A Persons Greed/selfishness Ruined A Real Life Hero-and Why We Need Your Help.

A small group of people has been shown proof in the form of letters/messages, receipts, personal knowledge, observation and even interviews with some people who were involved in the fiasco we talk about-as well as good old investigational skills and all bear character witness to the selfless care the guy showed everyone he came in contact with. Some of his true friends, while too late to stop the damage, know how much he has done for 100's if not 1,000's of people at great cost and sacrifice to himself-as one of the few people in the whole country who has answered the call to service made by President Bush after 9/11/2001 for all Americans to give 4,000 hours to helping others-this guy has done that and more-persevering and pushing on even though his family has been through severe crises several times and required he come to their aid-which was answered every time as well-without thought to his own well being, he promptly dove back into non-profit work where he showed the nerve and integrity rarely shown in real life-true passion and committment which forced him to step forward and work roughly 3x his normal full time schedule while he hoped to work with the corporate office in conjunction with the staff on site to come up with a different plan-which would not cause a safety violation and would integrate the values of the organization into an area which had been entirely ignorred prior, but which he saw a giant potential-which he showed nearly alone, working the next year and a half nearly without time off-nearly everu day, 14+ hours each-and never did get his meeting, yet continued until his own health deteriorated from the stress and frustration due to inaction in management-and the number of people knowing what he was doing and why, yet not standing up with him to encourage accountability in the officers-a fundamental value, which was never seen
My point in telling that is to show the mans character, dedication, patience-and strength of faith that what he was doing-working hard, putting others first, placing a higher value on people than money-the noblest thoughts most would agree, yet lived by so few-many people give to good causes, but this guy practiced what he believed every day-even as people judged him because he had no wealth-but were the very ones to ask his help, which was the reason he had none-he could have been a millionaire had he had passion for money-but he invested in people, and the last one to take his investment was far too greedy, lying to him-abusing him, taking advantage of his good heart-while never giving back more than she needed to manipulate more from him. She used him to elevate her self worth while lowering his-and he was so committed to her as a person that even as she was tearing him apart after taking all she could from him-viciously stripping even his quiet pride of past actions long before meeting her-he never took aim at her weaknesses, as he had worked hard to boost her self image-and would not allow pain and frustration to take away from what he had worked hard to help her build, even as she showed such little regard at any point for him-telling him he was worthless and never worth driving an hour out of her way, which is why she made him drive 5-6 hours, one way, so she could make him feel like he was not good enough for her-because he never spent enough money on her. A fast example of her attitude-she began her guilr trips concerning an engagement ring less than 3 months in-an ivy league grad with a masters degree, substantial savings, and every advantage her whole life, yet she could not see fit to commit to him-though had no issues demanding his total committment-which was one of the very reasons she cited in why he was worthless-he was boring and she considered him cheap-when really he was so damn focused he ran 3 years on 2-3 hours sleep a day and went hungry for weeks at a time to buy her gifts-that she never cared about anyway, only demanding them to see if he would do it-then being so harmful to him that he has not recovered, even a year later
so,the man who went through hell for the good of others and would have gone further, now feells he is so worthless and is ashamed so badly that he wont even talk to his true friends-and the person responsible is currently being socially promoted-as a social media guru who claims to help charities and small businesses-after such awful behavior, a bald faced lie if any was ever told-she doesnt even feel she did anything wrong-which speaks volumes of her educations value, when she cannot even show a hint of respect-or integrity, to own her actions-yet is the one to be celebrated while the true hero-the one who should be thanked by all of us-which is the most he would have accepted-and more than he asked for, which was to see some hope-has had it ripped from him intentionally and left for dead. Literally. Well, he isnt yet, but he fades more each day-and we are out of ideas=so we ask your help-spread this story to your friiends and give us your true and genuine voice-it is not much to ask, and anything less than sincere will only ring of that shallow and selfish woman-and basically the greed strangling this country-he needs to know there is enough spirit-true, strong and willing to stand up to the unfair crap in life and do what is right. I am truly hoping we see a huge respnse to this-and notice noone was named, as we are still hoping for soe solution to the issues she raises-our integrity will force us to warn the public of her true character, unless we are shown some irrefutable proof that she is no threat-which i have no idea the way that could be done-given the amount of damage we know of-and have the documentation of. But, we hope he takes a hint from the response here-and fixes what she did-otherwise we will need post the evidence and allow ppl the choice to trust her or not, which they dont know exists and would trust by default-but look what that did for such a giviing person-anyone else is game too
thank you-please show you care and there is still hope in the world-that he and others did not waste their time-and lives, for nothing but padding the pockets of others.
cclintcaster cclintcaster
31-35, M
Jan 17, 2013