Gabriel H.

I met my ex when I was 22. I thought It was a start of a good and actual relationship since I only date online. I was pretty afraid with close encounters when I was young and I have a very strict christian family..

At first he was awesome, he would do surprises that would really convince me about how true he was.. but then few weeks later he told me he has to attend a wedding in Hawaii so he might be less to keep in touch but he keeps on leaving me details on how good his day went. but just days passed I saw some pictures in a social network, its him and a chick who happens to be my third degree cousin who worked there, getting intimate and with his family, it was family affair and it was his brother's wedding..I felt so bad It was my first horrible break up, I never drink but I did, I was just sad for a short period of time and decided to dump him remembering self respect regarding my kin, I and him affair was so disgusting..

, he tried to explain, he tried to get me back, he cried and tried to take on another drama to make me believe.., but I completely dumped him!!!, I deleted all the means of communication and throw the stuff he gave me!

Later on, He and my cousin tied their knot after a year, but he was not the biological father of their first son and rumored that he wasn't still with the second one which my cousin is currently bearing :)
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I'm surprised no one has said this before... but I guess I should just sneak in on here and say this...

"Karma's a *****. Then you get paid, and she's your friend."